In October 1994, Nathaniel Turner received news that left him petrified and ecstatic - he was going to be a father. Turner was inexperienced and unprepared. There was no guidebook on how to be a father. Determined to defy stereotypes and to be a great father, Turner created his own parenting manual.

Raising Supaman is loaded with practical, insightful and useful tips to help parents.

"Nathaniel Turner's Raising Supaman is not just a sweet and loving gift to his son, but is also a true gift to all fathers and sons everywhere. I can find no better example of how to teach the fine arts of fatherhood  to any man, or manliness to any boy…"

-John David Wells, The Wells Report

It's A Jungle Out There: Powerful Parenting Lessons Inspired by The Lion King is the book that may be the catalyst for improved parenting on a global level. Join the author as he explores scenes from The Lion King to gain insight and instruction on how to not only improve parent-child relationships but repair this Nation's tattered and torn social fabric. Finally, a book that may help moms and dad understand the connection between great parenting and elevating humanity.

Stop the Bus is a collection of letters written to media editors throughout the country. The author intended to challenge America to think differently about education and to do more than accept the oft-repeated diatribe about schools. The author believes it's possible to revitalize America's educational system can in 200 words per day over 31 days.

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