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Spark your audience to think critically about what matters…

Nate message is reflective and genuine. His presentations are custom tailored for the audience. Wherever he appears he reveals “the how” to improve any person, place or thing by sharing a three-letter word, “who.” Let him show you why “who” is the most important word in the whole wide world.

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Hi, I'm Nathaniel A. Turner

Known By Family and Friends as ‘Just Nate’

Since 2014, organizations around the nation have invited me to work with them. But the invitation isn't extended because I'm a motivational or inspirational speaker. Nope, I am 'The Humanity Propulsion Engineer.' My purpose, as I understand it, is to help those who entrust me share tools, techniques, and strategies so that people can model the best of humanity and institutions can operate at peak efficiency.


Thus, if you're searching for someone who thinks and lives out of the box and is a breath of fresh air, you just found him.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 corporation, educational institution, faith-based organization, or community-serving association, I will challenge your audience to be professionally more effective and efficient and show them how and why becoming the best version of ourselves is best for humanity.