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You might call me an eclectic soul—a modern Renaissance person, always thirsty for knowledge and hungry to understand the world around me. With degrees ranging from Accounting to Theology, History, and Law, I've delved deep into various fields, seeking enlightenment at every turn.


But the most elucidating journey began in the fall of 1994 when I received news that would forever alter the course of my life—I was going to be a father. Faced with the daunting prospect of parenthood, I was determined to break the cycle of adverse childhood experiences that had marked my upbringing. That determination led me to craft an unconventional approach for my unborn child: 'Backward Design' and 'The Life Template.'


Applying this innovative approach to child-rearing proved to be nothing
short of extraordinary. My son, affectionately known as Supaman, flourished under this method, evolving into an 'Intellectually Ambitious,' 'Global and Culturally Competent, and 'Humanitarian-Driven' multilingual scholar. His achievements speak volumes, including but not limited to acceptance to 27 of America's best universities, receiving seven fellowship offers to earn his Ph.D., culminating in a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a full ride to earn an MBA at NYU's Stern School of Business, among other highlights.

His successes have brought me personal gratification and illuminated a
collective path forward for parents like mine and children growing up as I did. The tools, techniques, and strategies of 'Backward Design' I discovered could be harnessed by other parents aspiring to see their children soar to heights equal to or greater than my child or individuals seeking to realize their life's true potential.

My journey, coupled with a wealth of parenting wisdom accumulated over the years, serves as a blueprint for those striving to carve out the best possible future for their children. Through the trials and triumphs of parenthood, I've honed those tools, techniques, and strategies to become a unique set of skills that I'm eager to share with others.

I'm dedicated to enlightenment and sharing insights to empower parents, guardians, and educators to guide their children and students toward their fullest potential. Whether you're a committed parent or guardian seeking guidance, a meticulous educator aiming to enrich your student's educational journey, or an individual striving to be the best version of yourself, I'm here to offer support.

From navigating the early years of childhood to traversing the complexities of the college admissions process and even designing a life aligned with your deepest aspirations, I'm committed to equipping you with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to succeed.

So, if you're ready to unlock your child's brightest future, see them attend
their dream college for little or no money, or design a life that surpasses
your wildest dreams, you've come to the right place.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together—one 'Backward Designed' step at a time.

I'm Nathaniel A. Turner, or "Just Nate" to most. I'm a Humanity Propulsion Engineer, author, speaker and host of The Journal Forward Audiocast.

My Life Purpose Is Straightforward. I must leave the planet better upon departure than it was when I arrived. And I must help, serve, and ensure others, especially 'The Least of Us,' know that our lives matter.

I hope to share the tools, techniques, and strategies with you so I can truly live up to my life's purpose and be who I want to be when I am no more.

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Iconoclastic human who believes the thoughts and beliefs of others should limit no life.

Renaissance Person as noted by formal education in accounting, theology, history, and law and unorthodox life experiences.

Author of six books and counting.

Nate is the creator of 'The Life Template' and a Childrearing and Socio-Educational Tools collection.

He was the first father since Lord Chesterfield in 1737 to write and publish letters to his son successively during his lifetime.

Each day when I wake, I am grateful. Exceedingly grateful and appreciative I am that I have another day to give my all to be better than I was all previous days. And so my daily goal is to find the meaning of life and do something that makes living meaningful for others.


There are more than eight billion other people with stories to tell. I will never take you for granted. Thanks for spending time with me and considering my narrative for living joyfully on purpose worth your time.  

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