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Good day, I'm Nate

In the fall of 1994, I learned I would become a father. Given the tumult of my childhood, I was terrified that I would be a chip off the wrong block. Determined not to sentence my child to the same adverse childhood experiences I suffered, I did something novel. I studied backward design and how I might apply it to parenting.


The backward design approach worked phenomenally for my son. In addition to raising a multilingual child accepted to 27 of America's best universities, receiving a fellowship to earn his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and full-ride to NYU's Stern School of Business, to name a few highlights, I discovered that the tools, techniques, and strategies used to aid him on his educational and life journey were applicable for my own life.


One of those tools is journaling forward. Forward journaling and several of the strategies created initially for a child helped me when I was at my lowest point when depression had me contemplating doing things I otherwise never considered.


Nowadays, I enjoy sharing what I know about raising children and helping students get in and graduate from their dream schools with little to no debt. Equally important is that I get to share with others how to design your life backward so that you can live your life just as you always imagined.

Humanity Propulsion Engineer, Author Speaker and Host of The Journal Forward Audiocast.


My Life Purpose Is Straightforward. I must leave the planet better upon departure than it was when I arrived. And I must help, serve, and ensure others, especially 'The Least of Us,' know that our lives matter.

I hope to share the tools, techniques, and strategies with you so I can truly live up to my life's purpose and be who I want to be when I am no more.

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Iconoclastic human who believes the thoughts and beliefs of others should limit no life.

Renaissance Person as noted by formal education in accounting, theology, history, and law and unorthodox life experiences.

Author of six books and counting.

Nate is the creator of 'The Life Template' and a Childrearing and Socio-Educational Tools collection.

He was the first father since Lord Chesterfield in 1737 to write and publish letters to his son successively during his lifetime.

Each day when I wake, I am grateful. Exceedingly grateful and appreciative I am that I have another day to give my all to be better than I was all previous days. And so my daily goal is to find the meaning of life and do something that makes living meaningful for others.


There are more than eight billion other people with stories to tell. I will never take you for granted. Thanks for spending time with me and considering my narrative for living joyfully on purpose worth your time.  

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The Journal Forward Audiocast

A lifetime in the making. Nothing like it exists anywhere. New journal entries appear on Mondays & Thursdays. Let's journal forward to the life we always imagined together.


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Keep Moving Forward With Nate

Nate offers a front-row seat as he first journeys in his mind to keep him moving forward toward living his life just as he always imagined. All entries include themes like trials and triumphs, worries and beliefs, internal impediments, and inner enhancements. You will gain insight and inspiration to write the words and find the strength to make your most audacious hopes and dreams come true.

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