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Although many years have passed since Nathaniel A. Turner began writing letters to his then two-year-old son, Raising Supaman remains as prophetic as ever. Turner's aim in writing his son was to witness during his lifetime the outward manifestation of his deepest hopes and most profound dreams, namely that his child would be a better man than him. 


In Raising Supaman, Turner explores the most critical issues in the lives of males of all ages. From academic success and professional advancement to personal achievement to social responsibility, Turner wrote a practical travel guide that anyone might use to navigate their way through the incredible journey called life.


Join this TED speaker and internationally renowned Humanity Propulsion Engineer for a transparent, authentic, and loving examination of the role and purpose of a man through the letters of a father to his son, correspondence intuitively written from one man to another man. In Raising Supaman, not only will you discover what is necessary to raise a great man, but you will find everything you need to become a Supaman.

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Stuart Tyson Elmo Morgan, or STEM as his friends and family affectionately call him, loves his community, friends, and learning almost as much as he loves his family. So, when STEM's dad suffers an injury during the family game of soccer, STEM sets out to ensure his dad doesn't lose his mail carrier job. What STEM comes up with to help his dad continue working amazes.


In the end, the bourgeoning engineer not only makes his parents proud, but he reminds us all about the power of love, the imaginative spirit of a child, and the universal importance of dreams.


The Amazing World of STEM is the perfect book for any child who is intellectually ambitious, globally, and culturally curious, and compassionate. Co-authors, son and father, Naeem K. Turner-Bandele and Nathaniel A. Turner craft a picture book illustrated by Keva M. Richardson that exemplifies and promotes diversity, the best of humanity, and science, technology, engineering, and math.


Welcome to The Amazing World of STEM!

"Nathaniel Turner's Raising Supaman is not just a sweet and loving gift to his son, but is also a true gift to all fathers and sons everywhere. I can find no better example of how to teach the fine arts of fatherhood  to any man, or manliness to any boy…"

-John David Wells, The Wells Report

It's A Jungle Out There: Powerful Parenting Lessons Inspired by The Lion King is the book that may be the catalyst for improved parenting on a global level. Join the author as he explores scenes from The Lion King to gain insight and instruction on how to not only improve parent-child relationships but repair this Nation's tattered and torn social fabric. Finally, a book that may help moms and dad understand the connection between great parenting and elevating humanity.

Stop the Bus is a collection of letters written to media editors throughout the country. The author intended to challenge America to think differently about education and to do more than accept the oft-repeated diatribe about schools. The author believes it's possible to revitalize America's educational system can in 200 words per day over 31 days.

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