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The O.G.  Journal Forward Audiocast

Come along and join the journey – be part of the transformation. New entries of the Journal Forward Audio arrive three times per week.

Nate on demand and learn tools, techniques, and strategies that might help you remove the limitations on your mind so that you can begin the journey toward life's most imaginative possibilities.

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Time-honored tools, techniques, and strategies to support you on your journey to be the best version of yourself possible.

motivational audiocast
motivational audiocast
motivational audiocast

Live Your Life Just as You Always Imagined

Find out why Nate's Journals are the best forward-imagining life affirmations worldwide. Nate shares new journals every Monday and Thursday.



Nate bears it all, or as he is apt to say, "Naked don't' lie; people do." In each entry, Nate bares trials and triumphs, worries and beliefs, internal impediments, and inner enhancements, which lead to realized and unrealized hopes and dreams. You get a front row seat of how Nate journeys first in his mind to move further towards living his life just as he always imagined.

motivational audiocast
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Everything Nate shares today he discovered and evaluated for almost thirty years, beginning with endeavoring to give an unborn child a life better than he had. Successfully designing his child's life backward, he discovered that the process now known as 'The Life Template' might be helpful for others.


Nate's life mission is simple: 1) to consider who we are and whether we are now who we want to be when we are no more. 2) to embrace our responsibility to leave the planet better than when we arrived by helping, serving, and ensuring all who encounter us know their lives matter.


Journey Forward with Nate and you will frequently laugh, emotively dream, contemplatively reflect, and learn to live with joy on purpose in the only time that matters now.


Nathaniel A. Turner

Nathaniel A. Turner is a breath of fresh air. As one of the most entertaining and captivating Renaissance people of our day, organizations and individuals book him worldwide to share the tools, techniques, and strategies to live life in the present with joy on purpose.


The Humanitarian Propulsion Engineer's work includes the books: 'Raising Supaman,' 'Stop the Bus,' 'It's A Jungle Out There,' 'Journey Forward,' and 'The Amazing World of STEM,' and the one-of-a-kind uniquely original audio version where he daily envisions and challenges himself to live his best life.

You Can Be Whom You Want to Be.
Nate will show you how.

Get Nate's Personal Forward Journal

Countless people have requested an audio version of the daily journal for public consumption.


Nate will provoke and challenge you every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday with visions of his heart that he is working to make manifest in real life. Each entry contains the profound vulnerability Nate is known for, along with strategic directions, comedic stylings, recognition of one's insignificance in the universe's grand scheme, reflection and action steps, and the authenticity of a human struggling, straining and striving to leave the planet better upon departure than upon arrival while living his life just as always imagined.

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