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The Official Parent Empowerment Course

The Official Parent Empowerment Course

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We know it's possible to eviscerate all of the stereotypical societal academic expectations for any child. We know America can be a world leader in K-12 education. We know that the solution includes preparing, allowing and expecting parents to do much more than merely attending PTA meetings, showing up for parent teacher conferences, giving to a school fundraiser, and supporting their children during extracurricular activities.


We know this course The Supa-Parenting Back to School Course can help improve educational outcomes for any child. The Supa-Parenting Back to School Course is especially invaluable for those parents who believes they lack the insight, time, and/or energy to help their children maximize their academic potential.

We know America's schools need healing and The Supa-Parenting Back to School Course is just what the educational and parenting doctor ordered.


In this course, you will learn:

  • How to independently review your child's academic proficiency;
  • How to determine on your own if your child is on track to be college and career ready;
  • How to build a healthy productive collaborative relationship with teachers;
  • How to decide on a foreign language;
  • How to build a network that supports your child academically, socially, and emotionally;
  • How to make your child's educational preparation part of your family's mission;
  • How to improve time management so that you have more quality time for yourself and your children;
  • How to use simple and inexpensive tricks to raise reading comprehension;
  • How to evaluate potential college majors and career choices;
  • How to select online tools that are most likely to help with any school subject;
  • How to help your child create a mindset that enhances educational outcomes;
  • How to discover and foster your child's learning style;
  • And so much more...


So if you are ready to change your child's trajectory, if you are ready to stop being unsure about your child's educational standing, and if you are ready to have access to the same tools, techniques, training, and strategies that the parents of the top students use to help their children, you BETTER sign up for The Supa-Parenting Back to School Course NOW!

  • The need is great ...

    School has changed a lot over the last 20 years. In fact, it is no exaggeration to suggest that for as much as school is the same school is totally different. From mega schools to virtual schools to micro schools, the structure of schools continues to evolve.

    However, the structure of schools is not the only evolution needed. Thanks to globalization and technology, the mandate to prepare children who are college and career ready is more intense now than ever before. Unfortunately, even with all the attention paid to the future outlook of jobs and skills, America's international educational standing remains lackluster - in need of a revolution.

    Even worse, America continues to have a vast academic achievement gap when comparing socioeconomic and racial groups. As bad as things look, the state of America's educational system and diminishing educational outcome is wholly avoidable. To prevent further damage to schools and the health of the nation, we need an answer to this riddle - who gives students life, who is the students first teacher, who is legally responsible for the student and whose input and contribution are routinely ignored and rejected.

    The riddle and the answer illustrate the dirty little secret about America's K-12 schools - the majority of parents have been unintentionally encouraged to outsource their parenting duties. In short, rather than being fully equipped to help their own children, parents have been inadvertently persuaded to leave education to the educators. And this outsourcing of parental responsibilities has proven to be a colossal disaster.

    The outsourcing results are additional indicators of what the multitude of parents and teachers have all known for quite sometime - something is terribly wrong with education. Millions of parents want their children to achieve at the highest levels but don't know quite how to make their dreams a reality.

    Massive numbers of teachers know they are outmatched - expected to solve the Nation's educational issues with one hand tied behind their back. To solve the troubles of schools in America, teachers know that they need a lot more - they need two hands, they need engaged - empowered parents.

    We believe the fix for what ails education on at least one level is simple. Give all parents regardless of race or socioeconomic status the same tools, techniques, training, and strategies to help their children achieve at the highest levels imaginable. It's time to stop doing school based on race, class, gender, and zip code.


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