It's A Jungle Out There: Power Parenting Lessons Inspired by The Lion King

SKU: 978-0-9895879-0-7

Where have all the parents gone?  What happened to those who, like my grandmother, treated parenting as the most important human responsibility and the planet’s oldest profession?  My grandmother, if she were living, would not recognize today’s parents.


Something is amiss.  We reside in a country that places higher demands on passing a driver’s education course than it does on procreation and raising children.  We offer classes like Lamaze to prepare parents for the birth of a child but have no such courses to equip parents for being able to raise a child.  The way we view parenting and subsequently raise children is absurd.


So, I wrote this book because I believe my grandmother would have wanted me to say something.  I wrote this book because I’m concerned that if we wait much longer to outline a process to help our future citizens, we won’t be able to repair or recondition the fabric of our nation.  I wrote this book because I believe all children need and deserve great parents.

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