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Nate Talks to Mike Mullaney of New England Lifestyles

Nate and Mike have a spirited conversation about Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, women in STEM, raising humanitarian-driven children, and Nate's book 'The Amazing World of STEM.' And they manage to get a few words in about the New England Patriots.

Nate Talks to Reaching Roots For Parents

In this episode, we talk to Nate about the techniques and strategies that helped him raise a successful Gen Zer, and the blueprint that he shared with his parents, through his history-making book “Raising Supaman”.

Nate Talks to Classroom Matters Host - Kristy Houle

During this conversation, we will be discussing the backward design model for students and how we can raise our children to be successful without relying on crutches in society such as wealth, privilege, legacy status, fraud, bribery, cheating, or Adobe Photoshop.

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Nate Appears on WVON Chicago's Middays with Perri Small

With a new President, Perri asks Nate, "where does the change come from? Should families depend on the government? How can parents nurture and educate their children to thrive in 21st Century America?"

Nate Appears on Diversity on Fire

In this episode, I spoke with guest Nathaniel Turner about the parents’ role in education. We put much pressure on teachers and the system at large to educate and develop our youth but is that enough? We also discussed curating your own life with backward design; how we can harness the future by making plans today.

New England Lifestyles Interview with MiArtist Name
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A Life Process to Raise Successful CitizensReaching Roots for Parents
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Episode #63: Raising Supaman: A Conversation with Nathaniel TurnerClassroom Matters
00:00 / 37:37
Middays with Perri SmallWVON Chicago
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62: Education by DesignDiversity on Fire
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